Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun and Summery

I was looking at my kitchen table the other day, and thinking that I needed something to spruce it up. It just looked so blah...plain and boring. I was shopping in my local Joann's and saw that they had this class for making applique placemats, and I fell in love and registered to take it immediately! The class was 3 hours on Sunday afternoon, and we actually completed one whole placemat, and I thought "I need to have more of these!"

So Monday, I was supposed to have Jury duty (blah) but ended up that I didn't have to go and was dismissed, so I already had the day off, so what did I do?? Made 3 more placemats all afternoon!

Since I'm new to quilting, and this was my first applique project, I'm not all that familiar with techniques, but this was super easy and fast! The bottom layer is sewn together with the batting, backing and bottom big flower, and you sewed 1/4 inch around the edge (cut a slit in the center of the bottom layer for turning) and then flipped it inside out to hide the seams (no binding!) then for the layers, you sewed the flower "petals" onto fusible interfacing and flipped it inside out (to hide the seams) and then pressed onto the main placemat piece. The last step was to use machine decorative stitching to sew along the edges of each layer. Like I said, super easy! And bright, sunny and perfect for summer.

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