About Me

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My name is Jessica, I'm 30 and love to quilt, sew and craft among other things.  My entry into the quilting and sewing world began about a year ago when my husband bought me a sewing machine as a Christmas gift in 2009.  My fabric stash has been growing steadily ever since!  Around that time, we had quite a few friends and family members who were having babies, and I decided to try my hand at quilting...I love picking out beautiful fabrics and watching them come to life on my design wall into projects that will be loved and cherished by their new owners. 

Just for a sneak peak into my "real life," I live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, with my husband of 2 1/2 years and our 2 "furbabies," a 3 year old black lab Zoey, and a 1 1/2 year old yellow lab Bella.  The above picture is half of the mischevious duo, Miss Bella.  In being from Pittsburgh, it goes without saying that we are huge Steelers and Penguins fans! (and quietly ignore those awful Pittsburgh Pirates!)

I quickly outgrew the dining room which I had taken over as my "sewing room" in the early parts of last year, and decided to move downstairs to basement to set up shop.  This is where I do my creating.

And just a snippit of my ever growing fabric stash.  As you can see, I love color, and in most cases feel the more the better!

Come back soon and see what I'm up to!