Sunday, June 6, 2010

Half a quilt top

I have my beach quilt top halfway finished! I was actually hoping to get the whole quilt top pieced together, as my husband was working all weekend and I didnt really have any plans...however life and other things got in the way. Saturday turned into a manicure/pedicure and shopping date with my mom for most of the I guess I can't complain, I think getting a pedicure might be the equivalent of heaven. And my mom and I don't go on shopping trips together nearly enough! We both had some Kohls cash to spend, so of course I ended up spending about three times as much as my cash amount, so typical! However I did come home with some super cute sparkly sandals among other summer clothing purchases.

Anyways, as I was saying, I didn't get much sewing done Saturday, but today I had the majority of the day to play with, and I finished all my color blocks

I just love looking at them, they turned out so bright and vibrant!
I cut the white fabric and the black and white squares and started to sew those together, and decided that I just could not wait to start piecing my rows together because I wanted to see what the final project was going to look like. My initial plan was for my blocks to be 10 x 10 when sewn, but I quickly realized that apparently I was not careful enough either when cutting or sewing because my blocks weren't quite matching up! So I ended up cutting back the blocks so that they were 9.5 x 9.5 inches (so dont look too closely at the outer ring of my blocks because they are 1/2 inch shorter than I intended!) I dont think it's too noticeable, and its made piecing my rows together easy peasy, and everything is lining up perfectly.

So far, I'm loving it, its so bright and cheerful, I can't wait to finish piecing the whole top, I'll post when I do!


  1. Now that is a surprise to me.......I didn't know how you were going to set these blocks !
    They are absolutely beautiful, and this quilt will just elevate your mood whenever it's unfolded at the if you could have a BAD day at the beach......ha !

  2. thanks!! it was killing me to not stay up until all hours of the night last night to finish piecing the other half to see it in all its glory! Tonight thats my goal...

  3. This is so gorgeous! I love it and the black and white blocks set off the color blocks so beautifully.