Saturday, July 24, 2010

New sewing space!

I no longer have a dining room/sewing space, but now have a designated sewing space downstairs in our basement that I am able to keep all my sewing supplies in ONE central location, which also happens to be where I actually sew! 

This is what I was working with before...

Don't get me wrong, I love my dining room, it was just a pain in the butt to be doing all my sewing downstairs, but all my fabric and misc sewing notions and supplies were upstairs in the spare bedroom, and not to mention, everytime we had people over, I had to clean everything up so that we had a dining room again!
My only hang up for not finding a new space sooner, was not having a big enough/sturdy enough table for cutting/sewing.  I happened across a super cheap dining room table from Walmart (not the best quality, but for the purpose, I didnt really care) and from there my downstairs sewing space was born!

This is my table I bought and the size is great for sewing and cutting also.  The height was just right to fit some plastic storeage bins underneath the table to save some space.

This space is just perfect for me, its a little too small to use it as a living space, but when we bought the house it came with those beautiful built ins, which work perfectly as storeage!  Theres bascially double the storeage that I have pictured here (mirror image on the other side of the big TV opening) but the other half of the shelving isn't cleaned out yet, as we had been using the unit for storeage up until yesterday.

While I was taking pictures, I figured I'd take a pictures of my fabric stash...I want to get some clear plastic bins to sort by color a little better, but for now, piles will do just fine. 

I'm just so excited to have a dedicated sewing space (with TV for background noise/entertainment) AND to have my dining room back, for its actual intended purpose, dining and entertaining!

I've been sewing away down here this morning, and almost have the zebra tote bag completed, pics to come soon!


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  1. That's super !
    There's nothing like having your own dedicated space, where you can walk off and leave it when necessary, and come back and pick up right where you left off !
    Congratulations !