Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm back!

I'm back!  I'm back from the beach, considerably more tanned, relaxed and well fed than when I left!  I have to say going back to work today after 12 days (yes 12 consecutive days!!) of no work and all play was a little rough!  I made it through though and I have now have an urge to start a new quilt :)

In our hurried packing, we forgot to bring the camera along for the trip, but we made do without.  The beach quilt made the journey with us, and it looked perfectly at home on the sand with the sun beating down and waves crashing in the background.  It was definitely a hit, and received many compliments and much praise!  Its been washed at least 2 or 3 three times already, and I love how soft and crinkly its gotten and will now serve as a perfect "cuddle on the couch" quilt.

As for the current work in progress (very very early stages) I've had my eye on Julie at jaybird quilts hexagon quilt along for some time now, and have been waiting to get the urge to start a bigger project to dig in.  Definitely head over to her website and check it out, such a neat way to make a whole quilt of hexagons with no hand piecing or tedious crazy machine piecing method (hint, you use a 60 degree triangle ruler and sew together half hexagons and then piece the entire quilt together row by row! Ingenious I tell you.

I dug into my half yard bundle of Good Folks fabrics and some others that were recently purchased on my perusal of fabricworm.com and just started mixing colors together. 

I love these blocks, they remind me of kaleidoscopes!  Check back for more progress soon!



  1. Welcome back !

    I bet that beach quilt really caught people's eyes ! Love it !

    Well, now that you're back, you can take over the fun stuff.......as you can see, I'm about to start another long commission. But first I need to track down just a little more fabric that I need for the changes I have in mind.

    Happy sewing....you find MORE ways around a hexagon ! (I'll probably be taking my Bible cover hexagons on Friday to a doctor's appointment. I've tried my best to save them for those times, but it's been difficult not to finish them !)

  2. Hi Jessica, I awarded you with the versatile blogger award. I appreciate your comments on my blog each week. Many thanks. BTW am v jealous of your beach visit and your tan.V cold and wet here in Ireland.
    See my blg for more info on award