Sunday, January 2, 2011

To sash, or not to sash...

Hello 2011!  My first quilt of the New Year is going to be a quilt I'm planning on donating to charity.  A friend of mine who I met through work is heavily involved in the American Heart Association, and asked if I would be willing to donate a quilt to auction off at their annual Heart Gala.  She is looking for something of a "couch quilt size" and I have complete design and color control.  I have had a disappearing 9 patch quilt on my mind for a while now, and thought what better time to put one together, however I can't decide on how I want the blocks laid out!  What do you think??

Option A.

No Sashing

Option B.

Small sashing between each square, and larger sashing to separate each 4 part block, in a random arrangement.

Option C.

Sashing the same as option B, however each 4 part block has a "cross" style arrangement

Option D.

No small sashing between each square, but sashing between each block.

I'm leaning toward option B or C...what is your favorite?


  1. I really like D! C would be my second choice...

  2. B anc C are my faves too! (I have to admit, I can't really tell the difference) :)

  3. I really liked B and then I saw C and it was even more interesting. I like D too!

    A is out. lol

    I would say, in order C, D, B.

    Not much help, I know but so pretty!

  4. I am thinking B but also C is good, but the spacing on B keeps bringing me back :>)...hope this helps! Also great that you are willing to make the quilt for donation, that is very kind of you! Have a great week!

  5. thanks for all the input! I decided to go with B, hopefully there will be a quilt top to show soon!

  6. I like B. It's got a nice, random look, but the sashing gives it some order too.

  7. I vote for layout B !

    Pretty, jess !

  8. I like B too. I love the colors you picked!

  9. this is exactly what I was looking for. . there are so many options. Thank you for the photos!