Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scrappy Strings Pillow

Remeber this block?  Well it quickly turned into this mini quilt:

I have turned my attention to working on my doll quilt for DQS 10.  I'm kind of torn between two ideas, and I finally decided I would just make a doll quilt of each idea, and see which I (and hopefully my partner) will like most.  As a second bonus, I am using 100% scrap fabric AND turning both these mini quilts into some new pillow covers!

This mini measures 20 inches square, with 16 paper pieced string blocks that finish to 4 inches square.  Each fabric strip measures anywhere from 1/4 inch to 7/8 inch finished.  Teeny Tiny!  I think I could get lost staring at this!  As for the quilting, I quilted two lines 1/4 inch apart on either side of the white center lines for a nice clean quilted finish.

My plan was for which ever doll quilt design idea I decided on, to use either Kate Spain's Central Park, or Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley.  I now have this internal debate going on, as I'm not sure how well this design would translate to a single line of fabrics, I feel like half the appeal of this strings design is the array of fabrics and colors.  Hmm...

Here is my doll quilt turned pillow in its new home on a chair in our living room, where it is bright and cheefully sprucing up our home!

I am entering this pillow into Stitched in Color's Bloggers Pillow Party for February

Blogger's Pillow Party

Stop over and check out all the awesome pillows that have already been entered!

I also attempted the oh so intimidating invisible zipper on this bad boy, and have to admit, it was much easier to do than I though it would be!  Really!  I only had to rip the zipper out once, and that was due to a stupid stupid error on my part, but I can tell you, there will be many more invisible zippers in my pillow making future!  I used Stitched in Color's tutorial, which made it a breeze.  Rachel's tutorial has so many pictures to help along the way, anyone can do it, promise!  Be sure to check it out!

My 100th post giveaway is open for another 2 days, until Monday February 14th at 8:00 PM EST, if you haven't already, be sure to enter here to win some yummy fabrics!


  1. Ooh, that is so scrumptiously scrappy.........I just don't know about using one line. I guess it depends on how much diversity it has in it. I'm not familiar enough with different lines to help you there.

    Hope you win this competition, and I win the Sunkissed Charms ! LOL !

  2. Got to see this in person! It looks so cool - like an I Spy for fabiric lovers! You did a fine job - I checked out the other entries, and I think they'll pick this one, even though there are lots of other nice entries.

  3. LOVE the pillow! Love the colors, love the pattern, love it all! Great job!

  4. This is so wonderful! I LOVE the colors and the thin white lines running through it! So great!

  5. Gorgeous!! I love how colorful and bright your pillow is. Great job!!

  6. Beautiful bright and cheerful....

  7. I like the pillow a lot. As often, the most simple things are the most beautiful!

  8. Love this pillow! All the colors are so fabulous!

  9. It's really beautiful and colorful! I'm so glad that my zipper tutorial was helpful for you. Thanks for the link love =)