Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday {8.22.2012}

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Its been a few weeks since I've taken part in WIP Wednesday, and mostly its been because I just either haven't been working on much, or have been working on things that aren't quite ready to share yet.  I decided no time like the present to get back in the saddle, I find myself sort of feeling a little lost/overwhelmed with the scattered projects in various states of completion strewn about my sewing room, and WIP Wednesday is a nice anchor of sorts to take inventory of what exactly I have going in.  Without further ado, here is what's going on:

New Projects

2d Zoo Dream Garden


I posted about this yesterday, but this stack of fabrics is quickly turning itself into a baby quilt.  I'm using a pattern out of the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop book, and am super happy with how its coming together.  I should have a quilt to share in the next few days!

In Progress

Birds and the Bees Snowglobes

Tula Pink Birds and Bees

After I finished petting and drooling over this beautiful fabric, I decided no time like the present to dig in and make something with it.  I have a tendency to buy fabric collections, and then am almost afraid to use them.  Its like I'm searching for this elusive "perfect project," and I need to stop this madness and use the fabric that I buy, that's what its for, right??  I think I did find the perfect project, and therefore didn't have the usual amount of apprehension when cutting in to the fabric like usual.

Before leaving for vacation, I dug out my Tula Pink Snowglobes pattern, and got to work cutting and sewing.  I had a hard time settling on the background fabric, and ultimately went with Crosshatch Sketch in Cream.


I am loving how this pattern shows off the larger scale prints of Birds and the Bees so well.  I'll be working my way back to this one soon, but for now its keeping my design wall fun and bright, and I'm enjoying looking at it every day.

Not Your Grandma's Charm Quilt


Well, in this case it is my grandma's charm quilt.  My grandma recently had to be placed in an assisted living center, and I thought she might like a handmade quilt to put on her bed.  She is 96, and has been living with family members for too many years to count, and has never lived on her own, so this transition hasn't been the easiest for her or my family.  She really is such a special lady, and you would never guess her age by looking at her, we all hope we inherited her genes for aging!  

I'm in the middle of quilting this simple charm quilt using various prints from Denyse Schmidt's fabrics that are found at Joann's that I have accumulated in my stash.  I really love the way the patchwork has come together, and I'm quilting it with my walking foot in a large zig zag pattern.  I'm thinking of adding some hand quilting as well, but we'll see.  

Ripple Afghan

This is an oldie but a goodie.  I have a tendency to start hand projects, and just never finish them.  They sit around my sewing room sort of taunting me to work on them, and I usually just turn a blind eye.  I thought our 8 hour drive to the beach last week would be a great opportunity to pull out my ripple afghan that I started back in January and get to work.  


I'm aiming to really work on this to get it finished for the upcoming winter, as it will make a great snuggle blanket!

Whew!  It feels nice to get that out there, I really must get back into the WIP Wednesday swing of things.  Now that summer is just about over, life should be settling down and I can find my routine again.  Be sure to head over to Freshly Pieced and say hi to Rebecca who is guest hosting WIP Wednesday this week!


  1. Beautiful progress Jess. I'm loving the Snowglobes quilt.

  2. Your snow globes is the perfect choice for the fabric! They look amazing. Love your Grandma's quilt too.

  3. Amazing progress for being gone! Maybe I need to go back on vacation! I think the crosshatch looks great with the Tula Pink!

  4. Great projects! The snow globe pattern was a perfect choice to show off Tula's beautiful prints! I'm sure your Grandma will appreciate having a handmade quilt. My 99-year-old Grandpa has moved from assisted living to a nursing home, but the quilt I hand quilted is one of the possessions that stays with him.

  5. Well thank you for that, I now have 'back in the saddle again' running through my head lol

    Anywho, love the snow globe with those birds and bees, and I'm sure your grandma will appreciate her quilt. Your ripple's looking great too :o)

  6. I'm another one waiting for a fabric's perfect project. ;)

  7. Love your snowglobes! All your projects and fabric choices are fabulous! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday.

  8. Really gorgeous projects!!! Love the baby fabrics and the snowglobes look amazing! The quilt for your grandma is beautiful too :)

  9. The quilt for your grandma is beautiful! When my grandmother had her stroke she was in a nursing home for a few months and we tried to bring as much of her stuff in as we could to make it feel just a little more like home. I'm sure your grandmother will just adore it :-)

  10. love those baby quilt fabrics. Great colors! And I love your tula pink quilt. it looks fantastic. I've been feeling the same way about my stash. Why am I saving this? until I don't like it anymore? Kudos for using what you love!

  11. Heather's right - the snow globes quilt top looks great so far! Good for you for cutting right into your new Tula Pink fabric and putting it to good use!

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