Monday, December 31, 2012

One more quilty finish of 2012


I have one more quilty finish of 2012 to sneak in before 2013 is upon us!  This quilt has actually been finished for a week or two, but had to keep it under wraps, as it was a Christmas gift for my sister in law.  Needless to say she loved it, so it was worth keeping a secret!


I put together this quilt top back in October as part of Sara's Tula Pink Sew Along.  The pattern I selected was Tula's Snow Globes pattern.  I had purchased a fat quarter bundle of Birds and the Bees, and thought it to be the perfect match for this quilt, as the block centers measure about 10" square, so they show off large scale prints perfectly. 

I do apologize for the completely uncreative photo shoot of this quilt, you see for the past two or three weeks, winter has decided to hunker down in our neck of the woods, and this kept happening...


and then this would happen....


So after about 20 minutes of this, the hubs started complaining that his arms hurt from being my quilt holder, so we called it a day.


I hope everyone has a healthy and happy new years, see you in 2013!

Quilt Stats

Quilt Name:  Birds and the Bees Snow Globes
Quilt Pattern:  Tula Pink Snow Globes
Quilt Size:  64" x 84"
Fabrics used:  Tula Pink Birds and the Bees, Timeless Treasures Crosshatch Sketch in Cream
Binding:  Timeless Treasures Crosshatch Sketch in Lipstick
Quilting:  Allover meandering stipple done by me on my home machine


  1. This is really special. The birds and the bees go great with that cream sketch.

  2. What a beautiful gift!! It's perfect!

  3. Hi Jessica! That is so beautiful quilt - I'm sure it will be loved! Lovely fabrics and great design! Happy New Year! x Teje

  4. It's fab, no wonder she loved it! Happy new year :o)

  5. It's gorgeous Jess! That pattern is on my list for 2013 :o)

  6. Again, isn't it great when people love what we make for them? It is a very cheery quilt.

    I'm going to give my Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt to my niece today -- I expect her to love it because the book was her favourite as a child!

  7. Hmm, I think so far that's one of my favorite uses of that fabric line, just beautiful!

  8. Love this pattern but it says sold out. Anyway I could get it elsewhere?