Monday, May 20, 2013

playing catch up

Now that I seem to be back in the sewing "groove," and while I was #notgoingtoquiltmarket this weekend, I figured it was good as time as any to catch up on long overdue commitments that I had totally dropped the ball on.  

I fell completely behind with my Stash Bee blocks (to the tune of 6 blocks behind, yikes!) and felt completely guilty working on anything else until these puppies were taken care of.  I can now proudly report that I am 100% caught up, and my blocks will be in the mail this week!  

Hive 4 January
for Pauline

This block is my absolute favorite of the 6 I had to tackle, and I am typically not a wonky gal, for some reason it just doesn't agree with me, my wonky, ends up just looking messy.  Enter EQ7.  I played around with my new toy and was able to mock up a paper piecing wonky house block that I absolutely love.  I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of how EQ7 works, and am figuring out ways around the quirks I'm not such a fan of.

This block finished at 10" x 10" for the simple fact that that was the size templates I could get to fit on standard computer paper for printing.  I'm in the process of reformatting the templates to print for a 12" block, and will make them available for free download when I do!

Hive 4 February
for Cecilia

I love not only the colors but how this mod mosaic quilt is going to come together for Cecilia.  The blocks came together very easily and quickly, but when put together for a quilt will make such an impact.  The tutorial used for these can be found here.

for Deb

So right behind my comfort level of wonky, is my comfort level of applique.  I find that most of the applique ideas I think of in my head don't exactly translate to fabric all that well, and it ends up looking like a kindergartners project.  I was pleasantly surprised with how Deb's applique owl block came out though, quite cute if I don't say so myself!  I found a color page online of a cute chunky owl I liked, and free hand drew a tree branch with a few leaves for extra color and applied it to fabric using Steam a Seam.

Hive 4 May
for Candace

These bright pretty log cabin blocks have me wanting to start a log cabin project like now.  I love how quickly  these blocks come together by using a little portable ironing station that I set up next to my sewing machine to cut down on the constant up and down to my main ironing board.  After each ring is complete, I then trim to make sure each ring is the correct size.  These log cabin blocks were made using Rita's tutorial.

Hive 4 April

Hive 4 March

These two ginormous blocks were for Kelsey and Carol.  These monsters finish at 19" square, and will make a great giant size quilt!  The tutorial for these CrackerJack blocks can be found here.

It feels so nice to be all caught up, sorry again these are so late, hopefully they can still be used!! 


  1. Really nice blocks but the owl is my favourite! Love my raptors <3.
    Cheers, Rob

  2. Phew, good for you! Love the little house (and your washi tape is super cute!)

  3. great job all around. they ALL look terrific. no choosing just one to love!!

  4. I have bookmarked the crackerjack tute. Those blocks will make a cool quilt!

  5. wow! you've been super-busy! I absolutely love your wonky house, and owl applique. I'm right there in the same boat, wonky and applique are definitely out of my comfort zone. Your log cabin and CrackerJack blocks are great too. Nice color choices!

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  6. Better than me. I'm almost 2 months behind in reading blogs and haven't touched my sewing machine in almost 5.
    Sad Sad.