Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas in January

Christmas 2013 may be in the books and packed away in boxes, but I wanted to share the few handmade Christmas gifts I gifted this year.  My sister in law has been hinting that she wanted a Christmas tree skirt like the one I have for about a year now and I decided this Christmas would be the year I pull through and make one for her.  I have been wanting to update the tutorial I put together for it also, so I figured two birds, one stone.  

photo 3

Pardon the cell phone pictures, I worked up until the last possible second to finish, and pictures were not in the timetable.  I am really happy with how it turned out, I think I like it even more than the one I have!  I had stocked up on a bunch of Christmas fabric last year when they were crazy on sale and picked through my stash for a bunch of bright red, green and aqua holiday fabric.  My sister in law loved it and it looks just perfect snuggled under her tree.

 photo 1

As I mentioned, I did spruce up the tutorial for this tree skirt which can be found here, and also now have a printable PDF copy that is available here.  I suppose its never to early to start Christmas sewing for next year!

 In addition to the tree skirt, I also put together two simple patchwork holiday pillows using the same Christmas fabrics.


Nora helped me with these, its never to early to learn how to quilt, right??  Here's an action shot, I think she was helping me decide whether to use an envelope back or a zipper :-)

photo (11)

I think this little girl has a future in sewing, as she was in agreement on the envelope back decision.

And with that, I think Christmas 2013 is a wrap!


  1. Love the tree skirt. I just finished quilting one yesterday. I will actually be early this year (that has never happened before)

  2. Love that Nora looks like she's giving her options deep thought!

  3. So cute. Nora looks like she's giving the decision deep thought ;-)

  4. Very pretty! I made 2 square ones, kept one, sold one. Now that is win-win!

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  6. Your Nora is so cute. My sister has a Nora that is almost 15 and so skinny, tall and cute. When I saw your Nora, I thought she is as cute as my sister's Nora and hoping that you have fun with her.