Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Completed Quilt: Blueberry Pluses


I can't believe it is March and I am just getting around to posting my first finished quilt of 2014!  In all fairness, I have actually had this one finished up for a few weeks now and was just waiting for good weather and a free moment to snap some pictures.


A moment was about all I had, because it seems our dear Nora has this uncanny ability to be completely passed out in her crib snoozing away until the moment I decide to start something, and then she is wide awake and done with her nap.  Of course the first few times it happened I chalked it up to coincidence, but I am now convinced since its happened about a bajillion-ty times (yes that's an actual amount) that it is her secret power.  I'm sure one day this power will come in handy for her, but at least now, for me, it means that nothing gets done to completion.


This quilt has since been given to its new home, and hopefully is getting lots of baby boy snuggles.  It was incredibly difficult to part with this quilt, because I love just about everything about it.  From the colors- what's not to love about all that pretty aqua, to the fun prints- every baby boy needs a quilt with fun green chairs on it, to the geometric yet subtle  design, and of course my favorite quilt back of all time, my mom may have had to pry this one from my hands.


I went with my favorite "fancy" straight line quilting using the decorative serpentine stitch on my machine for a quick and simple quilting session.  I held my breath a little when quilting this, as when I did find some time to baste this quilt together, I realized I had just run out of my trusty basting spray!  I dug out my basting pins and got to work, holding my breath the entire time, as I always end up with ugly wrinkles on the back when I pin baste.  Luckily everything worked out fine and the quilt back is wrinkle/pucker free!

And with that, my first quilt of 2014 is in the books!  Hopefully it won't take me another 3 months to finish the next!!

Quilt Stats
Quilt Name:  Baby Boy Blueberry Pluses
Quilt Size: 50" x 50"
Quilt Pattern:  Plus quilt design using my tutorial
Fabrics Used:  Assorted aqua, lime and grey prints from my stash
Backing:  Ikea number fabric
Binding:  Aneela Hooey Little Apples Sweater Check print


  1. It's fab, I can see why you wouldn't want to let it go!

  2. I just love the fabrics you used for this quilt. Some of my favorites.

  3. Just love the color combo and your backing is perfect too. I have the same fabric from Ikea however I am having separation anxiety- I can't seem to cut it up!.

  4. Beautiful quilt, you should be proud to have finished a quilt at all with a new baby in the house! And yes, my 2 little ones had the same secret power when they were babies too. Now, they are in school all day, so I have lots of sewing time on my hands these days.

  5. Oh what a beautiful quilt! The fabrics & colors you used are wonderful.

  6. Loving your quilt! I read your tutorial. I'm going to make one with charm packs. I thought I would cut one 2 1/2" x 5" rectangle, and two 2 1/2" squares. I'm making a twin sized quilt, and down the middle lengthwise and crosswise I'm going to add a strip of fabric. That way I don't have to fit all of it under my machine to quilt it. I'll quilt the four plus sections, the middle fabrics, and then sew them together, like a quilt as you go. Can you tell I'm not totally sure of what I'm doing? I will figure it out before I go though.

  7. I just love green, blue and gray together! your quilt is perfect for a baby boy.