Thursday, April 3, 2014

quilting guy style

I'm in the midst of tackling something that in my 4 years of quilting I've never its not some super complicated technique or pattern...its quilting for a man.  In looking back, I feel like a bad wife or something, I've made a quilt for just about every female family member (and many friends) I can think of, yet never thought to make the hubby is own personal man quilt!  Rest assured I'm not breaking trend now, the "man quilt" I'm working on now is for my brother, hopefully the hubs won't be jealous.  


So in conversation one day, my brother happened to mention getting a new duvet cover for his bed.  After getting over the shock that my brother A. knew what a duvet even was and B. had not one, but now a second cover for it, I tuned back into the conversation of him commenting that it was very warm, and while nice in the winter, he was thinking he'd need something more lightweight for the summer months.

I am still slightly astounded that these thoughts even run through his head, because somewhere in my mind he will always be my little brother doing little brother things  like being annoying and immature, yet I am brought back to the present and reminded that he is now a 29 year old grown man with a good job, living on his own, and thinking about things like duvet covers.

Anyways, when he mentioned needing a lighter weight comforter option for summer, I immediately offered my quilting services and said I'd happily make a quilt for him.  Which I am more than happy to do, of course.  Usually after a day or two of racking my brain for quilt ideas, I quickly settle on a design and fabric selections...only this time I couldn't.  I knew my brother would likely spare my feelings and say he liked whatever I made, but I wanted something that he would be happy to display on his bed day after day, and not just feel obligated to use it because I made it for him.


I knew I wanted a simple, clean design and "manly" fabrics. That weren't hunter green and deep red that belonged in a hunting lodge.  Easier said than done.  I scoured all my favorite blogs and of course Pinterest too and just couldn't decide.  I happened upon Kati's Modern Meadow quilt she made for her bed way back when, and my mind started churning.  I checked out the tutorial she used by Oh Fransson!  And liked where it was headed.  I wanted something with more symmetry than the original, and started to play with the design in EQ7 until I was happy with what I saw.  

rickys quilt

I really like the nice clean feel it has with lots of negative space and a very "non complicated" piecing style.  I had been racking my brain for fabric selections, and kept coming up with nothing.  I happened to stop in a new LQS on my way home from work one day, and stumbled upon Simply Style and Simply Color by V and Co. which had lots of navy, grey and deep lime prints, and thought "hey, this could work!" I started digging further and found the entire line of Pearl Bracelets and picked out the Navy, Verbena and Mustard-y yellow colors, and finished off my fabric pull with a random green comma print, and this quilt top was born!  I knew I wanted the grey Timeless Treasures sketch print as the main background fabric, which they didn't carry, so I ordered a whole bunch and got to cutting and piecing!  I have to say this was probably the easiest quilt top I've ever pieced, and the largest also, measuring 90" x 102"!


I tried out a new (to me) basting method, which I'm crossing all my crossables that it works out and I don't regret it when it comes time for quilting!  I'm hoping to get this big guy quilted soon, as the weather is finally getting nicer, and I want my brother to be able to use it!  I'll report back on how the basting method works out when the quilt is completed!


  1. Great looking top! Your brother will love it. A few years ago I made my brother a quilt and he mentions it every time I see him. He loves it for its size and comfort, but most of all he loves it because it's from me.

  2. I love it, simple yet interesting in soothing, but not blah, colors. Well done!

  3. Looks great and it's so BIG, your husband will love that (I know mine would!!!). Curious about this basting method you used...

  4. wow, I absolutely love this quilt. I'm sure your brother will love it. Now I want to start making something similar for our bedroom. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. It looks great! Although I have visions of your husband sitting shivering while the rest of your family sits around snuggled up in quilts

  6. I am the sole female in my house hold and that is including the dog. But lucky for them I love the clean cut lines f modern which works so well for the guys in my life. This is going to be HANDSOME (won't use a girly term)!

  7. I made my brother a throw sized quilt a couple of years ago and found it really difficult to find fabrics. I think there a more designs around now suitable for men.
    I love the design you chose and the fabrics are perfect.

  8. It looks great! I'm sure your brother will love it. Funny enough, I think of my littlest brother the same way, despite him being 31, living out of home, has travelled the world and is now settled.