Monday, July 14, 2014



Well, that was an unexpected blogging hiatus!  When I published my most recent post back in May, I certainly did not expect to not post again for almost 2 months.  Yikes.  Can I blame it on that adorable little girl in the above picture?  Yes I think I will.  She is growing up entirely too quickly, I feel like I blink and she has somehow changed!  That's probably because she has, every day is a new adventure.  Just in the past month she has learned to crawl, will wave and anyone and everyone, and cut her very first tooth, and get this, it was her right eye tooth!  We've affectionately been referring to her as our vampire baby.

Nora will be 9 months old later this month, and I feel like I am just resurfacing and getting a handle on things.  Everyone had been telling me how much I'd regret wishing Nora could move once she was actually mobile, but I'm totally not.  Its like she can finally entertain herself for short periods of time.  Granted she has a new found love of electrical outlets and lamp cords and needs to be watched every millisecond of the day, but I feel like I can actually get things done while she is awake, as she is content to entertain herself with her toys kitchen utensils like wooden spoons and measuring cups.

She is however making me incredibly aware how much room for improvement there is when it comes to cleaning the house, in particularly the floors.  She will find any spec of anything lying on the floor, make a beeline for it and have it in her mouth in 2 seconds flat.  I've also been scouring pinterest  for a safe natural floor cleaner that actually gets the floor clean!  I had been using a Shark steam mop, and Nora's pant knees have been looking a little dingy from crawling even with regular mopping.  Just for the heck of it I ran a Swiffer Wet Jet over my just steam mopped floor, and the dirt I picked up was embarrassing!  I know our 2 oversized dogs don't help the situation, but still.  So if you have any recommendations, help a mama out and send them my way!

Anyways, enough with the reasons why I haven't been posting.  I think  I am finally finding a balance and finding time to sit behind my machine and sew here and there.  No, I can't spend marathon sessions completing entire quilt tops in a day, but I can spend an hour here and there and enjoy the time.  It definitely helps that I have 2 new nieces/nephews joining the world later this year in November/December, and they certainly need a quilt or five in their lives!


I have a few posts to write up in the next week or two, but in the meantime, here is a post about my Sew Together Bag that is currently featured over at Ellison Lane as part of her Patchwork Summer Series.

I seriously love this bag.  I actually gave this particular bag to my sister in law as a birthday gift, and immediately had to make one for myself because I love it that much.  I'll be writing up a post for the second bag soon, so stay tuned!  


  1. I suggest darker pants for Nora! :)
    She is beautiful Jess. xo

  2. If you find a cleaner please post about it. I haven't come up with anything yet. I have a soon-to-be one year old and his knees look so dirty (we too have 2 big dogs which don't help).

  3. Aww, she's a cutie pie. 9 months is such a fun age (my friend refers to 9-12 as the blissful baby age). My son got so much happier once he was mobile, so I hear you on that. As far as floor cleaners, I got nothing - we have interlocking foam tiles in his main play area and we try to sweep/vacuum that frequently, but otherwise we don't really worry. You are just giving her a strong immune system! (and I'm a microbiologist working in an immunology lab in my day job, so I'm allowed to say that!)

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  5. I can baby is ten months now. Try the e-cloth mop. It comes with a mop and damp mop head. You have to buy the dry mop head separately. First dry mop to pick up the dirt and dust, then switch to the microfiber damp head. It cleans the floor amazingly using only water:

  6. Nora is beautiful! Yep 9 months is my favourite age too. Sounds like there will be babies babies everywhere in your family soon. Funny how that happens! Don't fuss too much about the floor. Do what you can, just enjoy the time whilst she's little. It really does go too fast. My kids all have excellent immune systems!