Tuesday, August 5, 2014

9 months with Nora

PicMonkey Collage1

Someone needs to tell this girl to stop growing up, because she isn't listening to her mama!  I feel like every time I turn around it's time to take a weekly or monthly pic of this little lady!  She is changing every day, and it is so fun to watch her learn new things.

While Nora makes me work for these pictures every week and month now that she is on-the-go, and anything and everything is more interesting than mom's camera, I'm so glad I decided to do this little photo project because it really is fun to look back on how much she has grown and changed!  The blocks look HUGE in those 1 and 2 month pictures.


This is our latest weekly picture, I'm starting to get a little sad that there are only 13 more weekly pics to take!  Tell me I'm not the only mama that has these feelings of nostalgia and she's only 9 months old!  We're moving right along though, and starting  to plan her first birthday party, I'm thinking of a Minnie Mouse theme, anyone have any fun theme ideas?     


  1. She is super gorgeous! I'll tell her to stop growing if you tell my 3 year old :)