Friday, October 10, 2014

daddy proof changing pad covers

I'm still on my baby things sewing binge and next on the list were a set of changing pad covers.  Throughout the past year as I was actually using the things I made for Nora and her nursery, there were of course a few things that I thought I absolutely would not be able to live without, that ended up hardly being used, and things that I found to be worth their weight in gold.  I really tried to keep this in mind as I was sewing things for my new nephews on their way.


One of those things that I made and absolutely loved, and gets used multiple times daily were these changing pad covers I made using this Prudent Baby Tutorial.  I have lost count of the amount of diapers I have changed on this changing pad, and thats probably a good thing, as I'm sure its an insanely high number, but at least when I am standing at that changing pad, wrestling my now almost one year old daughter, who apparently equates diaper changes to torture, as she channels her inner Houdini to escape, I can  at least look at a pretty cover.


In addition to their super cuteness,  I love the function that the two fabrics give, as its now pretty apparent which end is for the baby's head and which end is for the baby's dirty bottom.  Because there is no doubt if this wasn't spelled out plain as day, I'm sure my husband would decide to change her the other direction, and that would be just gross.  So we'll call these the daddy proof changing pad covers.


It is also imperative to have two covers in rotation at all times.  And from what I hear this is even more so with having a boy, as the likelihood of a surprise "shower" increases 1000 fold compared to a girl.  Two seems to be plenty, as at least for me it seems I am throwing in a load of laundry at least every other day.  Seriously.  Something so tiny amasses an amount of daily laundry that is just impressive.


I just love using minky or a soft cuddle fabric for the main body of these covers, they are so soft and just perfect for baby's skin, I just want to sit there and pet it!  These covers are a super quick sew, I was able to put both covers together (I prewashed my fabrics ahead of time) in one naptime, so about 2 hours.  Win!

 I have a few lingering baby projects to tackle (helllllooo quilts!  where are the quilts??!?) so rest assured, those are on the way!  


  1. that's the direction I change my baby and my husband does it the other way!! so funny. actually I never thought of it as gross that we did it different ways hah.

  2. Such a hilarious description of this whole topic! I enjoyed this post - brings back many faraway memories of changing my own boys. These are such attractive nursery accessories and they will be appreciated.

  3. I'm about to make a few of these myself. I never thought about making it two fabrics to indicate this end up! Great idea. So with triplet boys on the way I need about a 6 of these? HA!

  4. Daddy proof! I could have used those! What is it with men sometimes? When I broke my ankle, my husband tried to be "fun" with the kids showers and decided to wash from the bottom up instead of starting at the top and working down. Yuck! Needless to say, I ended up rewashing the kids balancing on one foot with my broken ankle. I guess that is why they make moms.

  5. Have you seen the TeePee for changing little boys....