Friday, December 5, 2014

Completed Quilt: Woodwinked baby quilt


Who can believe it!  I'm blogging...about a quilt!  I feel like its been forever that I've finished a real quilt, and probably that's because its been far too long since I have.  This has actually been finished for a few weeks, but I've been waiting for a good day to get outside and take some pictures!  This whole winter thing with its crazy early sunsets is cramping my quilt photographing style.  


Anyways, back to the quilt.  I made this for my soon to be nephew, who is due to join this world later this month!  My sister in law is looking ready to have that baby any day, so maybe baby G won't make his mama wait 11 days past her due date, like another little lady I know.  


My sister in law is doing a woodland creatures sort of theme to the nursery, so of course this Woodwinked fabric bundle I picked up at Rose Room Quilts was just the ticket.  I absolutely love that this little boy quilt has zero blue in it!  Its just such a knee jerk reaction that when I pull fabrics for a boy baby quilt, blue is the first color to be included.  This is a nice reminder that blue doesn't have to be the starring color every time.  Although, I will say when I showed my husband, his first comment was "there's no blue."  Seriously hubby, leave the quilt making to the professionals :-)


I found this super soft minky-like fabric at Joanns, and it is just perfect for the back, because not only does it leave the quilt incredibly soft and snuggle worthy, but follows along with the woodland creatures theme.  Like the cheater quilt I recently finished, I chose to omit the batting, quilting together just the quilt top and backing print.  Because the backing has such a heavy weight to it, this quilt still has a nice weight to it, without being overly bulky and heavy.  I also applique'd baby's first initial using my cricut, like I did with baby N's quilt.


The binding is a quilters linen cotton in straw from Robert Kaufman.  I have had this in my stash forever, like before I discovered my love of grey as a neutral, so it felt great to use it up!  As for the quilt top construction, you can read more about the size of triangles and assembly method I used in this post about the quilt top.


We'll be waiting to see if baby G makes it here for Christmas this year, or if he'd rather be a New Years baby instead, but either way, we can't wait to meet him!

Quilt Stats:
Name: Woodwinked baby quilt
Pattern: Equilateral triangles
Size:  appx 38" x 45"
Binding: Robert Kaufman quilters linen in straw
Backing: minky-like fabric from Joann's
Quilting:   FMQ all over loopy meandering done by me on home machine 


  1. Did you have any issues with the minkee sliding? Your quilt is adorable, makes me want to start one!

  2. Love the colors, initial and the pattern. How fun to anticipate a new little one.

  3. Love this!! I NEED to make another triangle quilt. Great choice of colour