Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving preparations

Because I certainly don't have enough items on my to do list in preparation for a house full of 20 people for Thanksgiving, I decided that I needed to make cloth napkins for setting the table.  It's one of those things, sometimes I get an idea in my head, and I just have to do it.  Immediately.  So thats precisely what I did.


Instead of cleaning my house (which has tumbleweeds of dog hair blowing across the floor...I swear I just vaccumed a few days ago...where does it all come from!!), or hanging the dining room curtains which has needed to be done for about a year now, and a multitude of other things I had planned to accomplish, I set out for the Joann's, found this really pretty brown and cream damask print, that I think goes perfectly with my pretty china, but also goes well with my Pfaltzgraff everyday dishes (which will all be in use to feed the masses for Thanksgiving dinner!)  And got to work creating.

These were so super simple to create, I prewashed and then ironed my fabric (all 12 yards of it! ack!!)  then cut 20 18 1/2" squares of both the brown damask print and some Kona solid in Bone for the backing, yes that was 40 squares I cut out!  I then sewed one brown damask square to one Kona solid square right sides facing, leaving about 4" to turn.  I then turned all 20 right sides out, pressed and top stitched 1/8" around the outer edge, and TaDa!  20 pretty cloth napkins to be used on Thanksgiving and beyond!

I highly recommend whipping some of these up, they really have a nice weight to them and look super pretty on the table!  Now I really must get to all those "to do's" on the list...time is slowly slipping away from me!