Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mrs. Prindables who?

Just some pics of my mom and I's yearly tradition...A few years back we decided to try and make "Mrs. Prindables'" style chocolate covered apples, and they were a success!  Each year we've made more and more, and have it down to a system.

Yummy.  We dip the apples in caramel, and then press pecans into the caramel and then dip in melted milk chocolate and finish by drizzling in melted colored chocolate and sprinkle with sprinkles while the chocolate is still wet so that it sticks.

Package them in pretty celophane, and a super yummy homemade gift!

In addition to our apples we also do homemade chocolate covered pretzels (my favorite!), we did some that we dipped in melted peanut butter chips and then chocolate, some that we dipped in caramel and then in melted chocolate and some just good ole chocolate covered pretzels. 

The secret is to use the Old Tyme Snyders pretzels, not as large as sourdough, but larger than regular twists, so that they are a nice size when finished.
Packaging a dozen together with a pretty bow is another yummy favorite homemade gift!

All in all we made and packaged 4 dozen apples and about 8 dozen pretzels in about 5 hours!  Not too shabby for an evenings work.

Just a few pics of my quilted Christmas tree skirt in action!  This pattern is from Carol at mamacjt.  She has this pattern and a second tree skirt pattern available for purchase, I highly recommend!

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