Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tote bags

Apparently there is no such thing as starting "too early" when making gifts intended for Christmas...I swear I started working on things MONTHS ago...and here we are nearly a week and a half before Christmas, and I'm sewing like a mad woman to get things finished!

Just a few cute little totes I've whipped up...these are for a co-worker of my husbands who asked if I would make a few embroidered tote bags so she could give them to her nieces for Christmas.  Of course I said yes, and here they are!

She requested blues and greens for Maggie's bag, and being as those colors seem to make up a large portion of my fabric stash, I had lots to pick from. 

The second bag for Caitlin, she requested have bright fun colors and animal prints.  I managed to find a jelly roll I must have purchased eons ago that had some zebra and giraffe prints and mixed in some bright green and blue with it.

These bags measure appx 12" tall x 10" wide and 4" deep.  In making these, I basically followed Rachel from psiquilt's tutorial for her friendship bags, and altered the dimensions to what I wanted and added some personalized embroidery.  Super easy just a few hours to complete both bags!

I finshed these bags off with two of my personalized "handmade" labels, and they are ready be sent off to their new owners!


  1. I hear you Jessica! I started in June and still find myself sewing away for Christmas. Love the bags and I'm sure the girls will love them too.

  2. Love the bags! Where did you get your labels? I love them, too. :)

    ms.michelle22 at gmail