Tuesday, September 6, 2011

farmers wife

Since the weather decided to be uber crappy yesterday, and the hubby was working, I got to spend some quality time with my sewing machine on my day off.  I tackled a few more farmers wife blocks among other things.  I am really impressed with myself that I am still just as eager to work on these little guys each week as I was when I started!  I find that I tend to have quilty ADD when spending too long on one project, but these are certainly an exception.

FWQAL #28 Darting Birds
Block #27 Darting Birds

This block took me forever.  And yes, if you look closely, its backwards.  I paper pieced this block (templates found here), and I have to say, while paper piecing gives nice clean perfect points, and avoids those templates, it sure leaves a ton of fabric waste (at least when I do it), and isn't all that much quicker.  And my blocks always turn out backwards.  It takes far too much brain power to figure out the mirror image, it was already a puzzle to figure out how the pieces fit together to make the darn block, let alone do it in mirror image?  No thanks.  Anyways, I do like the way this block turned out, I used some Denyse Schmidt from her new line for Joann's and the yellow is Sunkissed by Sweetwater for Moda.

FWQAL #27 Duck and Ducklings
Block #27 Duck and Ducklings

I decided to go back to using the templates for the rest of  the blocks, and I  think I just like it more.  I'll likely still use the paper piecing templates occasionally, but, and I never thought I'd say this, I think I prefer the templates!  This block used some Innocent Crush and the yellow is a Moda print.

FWQAL #30 Economy
Block #29 Economy

Ahhh.  Easy peasy.  I finished this block and said "thats it??"  Seriously, took me far longer to cut the pieces out than to actually piece the blocks.  I wish I had picked better fabrics.  This is just blah to me.  I may actually remake this one in fabrics I like more.  Maybe.  More Denyse Schmidt and the pink is Soire'e by Lila Tueller.

FWQAL #29 End of Day
Block #30 End of Day

Since the previous two blocks were relatively simple, I added in a fourth block this week, which was also fairly simple and straight forward.  More new Denyse Schmidt (can you tell I just picked up a few of these fabrics on my latest Joann's run??), some Sunkissed, and some It's a Hoot!

FWQAL 1-30

30 blocks done, 81 more to go!  My design wall is quickly filling up with these little guys...I can hardly imagine when I'll have more blocks than fit on my wall!  Slowly but surely... 


  1. Your blocks are beautiful. I have also been using paper-piecing and actually having some difficulty. I have only finished 12 blocks. Mine all turn out mirror image as well. I'm going to try switching to templates as you have. Thanks for the tip and happy sewing.

  2. All the fabrics you are using are so pretty and bright! I love how your blocks are coming out. I will say that using the templates is a better way to go for me too. I just can't get the hang of paper piecing.

  3. My, you have been busy! I love the grey print in the last block! They all look fabulous together! I understand totally your frustration with foundation piecing-such fabric waste!

  4. Wow, you're doing great with these, I just can't imagine how long it would take to do that first block!

  5. Oooh, I really like your End of Day block!! I completely agree with your gripe about paper piecing wasting a boatload of fabric, that's one of the reasons I'm not a big fan :) Good luck heading back to the templates!

  6. It seems to be like you are powering along!

  7. Your blocks are beautiful--great fabric choices!