Friday, November 11, 2011

pillow swapping-international style


Remember this sneaky peek?  Well my secret project is now safe and sound in its new home, and its safe to share.  It was killing me having quilty projects that I couldn't show {I may or may not be one of the worlds worse secret keepers...} I suppose that the anticipation is half the fun of swapping, and the wait for my swap package to arrive from over seas certainly wasn't a disappointment!



I was stitching away on these pillows for Ann!  I met Ann through this blog, she was a newish quilter and had emailed me for some tips and suggestions (I was uber flattered) and we quickly became email pals.  Ann lives in Italy right now with her hubby and her adorable two puppies, and we decided to swap quilty projects and settled on pillow covers.  


Ann requested pillow covers in bright warm colors, and these pillows came to light.  I used my Accuquilt Go! Baby and circle die and appliqued these two pillows in a scallop pattern and circle pattern.  I grew quite attached to these, and really want to make a scalloped pillow for myself now.  


I used invisible zippers, which are quickly becoming my favorite way to seal up a pretty pillow, and used this Parisville print for the pillow back.  I really liked the print, and it was the inspiration for the scalloped pillow design.  I also like that if Ann isn't feeling in a piece-y kind of mood, she can flip the pillows around for a fun pretty print.  

Hopefully Ann digs them as much as I do!

Terrain pillow from Ann!

In return I received these amazingly beautiful Terrain AND linen quilted pillows!  I was so incredibly excited, Terrain...AND linen??  I couldn't be so lucky.  

Terrain pillow from Ann!

They are already snuggled on my couch and look quite content to be there.  I think these pillows are a sign that I most definitely need to keep my Tangled Windows quilt once its finished, now that I have matching pillows!!

Thanks again Ann, its been so fun swapping!


  1. I love the scallop pattern. It turned out so fun. Great idea!

  2. Oh I love the vibrancy of the pillows you made for Ann. And you're right, those pillows are perfect for your Terrain quilt. Lucky you!

  3. Wow, these are all amazingly beautiful!! Such a professional finish too! I love the way the scallops and circles go together and I love the scrappy look. I think these have inspired some for me!!

  4. Oh I love them both! The circles look great, especially with that fabric on the back, it echoes the front nicely

  5. Oh, oh, oh! All of those pillows are so gorgeous! I want one of them all!! LOL

  6. WOW!!! All the pillows are gorgeous! I am sort of bowled over by the ones you made!

  7. Gorgeous pillows!
    I LOVE what you did with the scallops and circles - amazing!

  8. These are all wonderful. How lucky both you and Ann are, I'd love to receive any of them.