Sunday, January 15, 2012

do you swoon?

Have you seen the super awesome swoon pattern??  I picked it up a while back at Fat Quarter shop, where they have an instant download pdf version.  It's been sitting on my shelf for some time, needing just the right kick in the pants to get started on it.  

Katy is hosting a Swoon-along  over on Flickr, and you know how I'm a sucker for a quilt along, so I figured now's as good a time as any to get swooning!

swoon stash fabrics

In an effort to stick with my "use my stash" resolve, I picked through my fabrics, and came up with these 18 prints that I'm planning to swoon with.  I'm going to stick with the pattern design and use two fabrics per block, however I was certainly temped to go scrappy after seeing some awesome scrappy swoon blocks in the group pool (like this one)!

swoon block #1

This was my first block using some Anna Maria Horner Good Folks Filigree Meadow (green print) and some DS Quilts Collection Sugar Creek Kitchsy Tile in Cornflower.  I just love how this block comes together, now mind you it is massive, measuring about 25" per block, so it takes a little time to construct, but with only 9 blocks to the quilt, it's not so bad.

swoon block #2

And this is the second block I have completed, using some It's a Hoot and Alexander Henry Farmdale.  I'm planning on doing one to two blocks a week, but its hard to resist cutting in to that stack of fabrics and seeing the blocks take shape!

Are you swooning along also??


  1. Those look great! And yes, I too am Swooning :) I just wish the blocks were faster...and has less pieces...and less seams...but then I guess they wouldn't look the same!

  2. I Swooned last year, and it's an awesome pattern!

    Your blocks look amazing so far. :)

  3. I'm loving all of the Swoon blocks! Yours are beautiful.

  4. The blocks look great but a bit beyond me at this time!

  5. Heather & I swooned together last year (, but I'm really enjoying following the swoon-along. And your fabric/blocks are amazing- this is going to be beautiful!!

  6. These are lovely, can't wait to see how this comes together! Your fabrics are fab :-)

  7. These are great Jess! You are going to have an amazing quilt!

  8. I've resisted swooning so far, but I love your fabric choices :o)

  9. Do I swoon? I certainly do! Well, I plan to. I have this pattern - just could not resist - and now I am trying to figure out which of my stash I'll use to make it up - today I'm leaning toward using some of my japanese stash. I love everything about this pattern, from its oversize nature to its perfect geometrics. Just awesome - lol, almost makes me want to swoon! Thanks for the link to the flickr group too, nothing like a bit more inspiration. Love your choice of fabrics. Keep going and remember to post progress so we can live vicariously through your choices. x