Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday {1.25.2012}

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This week has been full of lots of sewing.  We had a nice quiet relaxing weekend, without much to do, and you know what that means...time to sew!  I'm honestly just waiting to get sick again, it always seems to happen with big changes in weather, and seeing that we had very cold weather with snow and ice on Friday and Saturday, and then by Sunday and Monday it was in the high 40's, nearing 50 degrees.  In Pittsburgh.  In January.  Just crazy I tell you.  Anyway's here whats new in the sewing room:

New Projects


FLiQS idea

I have been asked to participate in the Fab Little Quilt Swap, which is smaller subdivision of the widely known Doll Quilt Swap over on Flickr, and you all know how I'm a sucker for a swap, so of course I said sign me up!  I have my partner information, and I am so so excited because his/her tastes seem to be right up my alley, and I instantly had an idea I had to try out.

FLiQS mini wonky stars progress

I am using Oh Fransson's sparkle punch quilt along as my inspiration, and doing it mini style!  Each square measures 2" unfinished, with the finished blocks measuring 1.5" finished.  I just had to sew a little square together, to see how it was going to look, and I am just loving this and all its mini-ness!  That little top block of 16 squares measures 6.5" as is.  

Completed Projects

Citrus Berry Punch baby quilt

4x5 bee blocks quarters 3 and 4

In Progress

swoon blocks 1-4

I'm still swooning along, and loving this quilt more and more as each block comes together.  A few people have asked if these blocks are difficult to put together.  While I definitely recommend reading over the instructions a few times to see how things are cut (so you don't make my mistake) and to get a feel for how the blocks go together, each block is made up of a large center square, a few rectangles and a whole lotta HSTs and flying geese, so accurate and consistent 1/4" seams are the key!  So in short, no I am not finding it difficult, time consuming, yes, and a trial of patience to line up all those points, yes, but difficult?  No.  Go ahead!  Give it a try!  You can get yourself a copy of the downloadable pattern here, and join in the swoon along fun!  

Crochet Ripple Afghan- Still crocheting away on this!  I ran out of my first color of yarn, so there wasn't a ton of progress this past week until I could get to the store for more yarn, but I am loving snuggling with my partial afghan as I crochet away.

This Weeks Stats
New Projects: 1
Completed Projects: 2
In Progress:  4

Swoon quilt
Crochet Afghan
FLiQS doll quilt
Farmers Wife QAL
January Bee Blocks
Citrus Berry Punch Baby Quilt

What are you working on this week??  Head on over to freshly pieced and link up!


  1. It all looks so good. I'm participating in the FLQS too and just got inspired a few days ago and started cutting into my fabrics. I've finished Block #2 on the Swoon-Along and do agree with you. The block isn't hard, it's just time-consuming as you have to be so precise...but isn't that what mastering a technique is all about.

  2. I love love love your mini sparkle punch. It's such a fun pattern to begin with, but mini size is so awesome! Love the colors, too. I'm thinking about redoing my bedroom in fresh blues and greens.

  3. Your sparkle punch is so gorgeous! Can't wait to see that one finished.

  4. I love love love your swoon blocks! The colors are so great. I'm doing a Christmas soon (yet to start) and the colors are more muted. I think I'll have to make another one with brighter colors like you've done.

    I wondered how the sparkle punch would look with an analogous color scheme and if I'd like it. Verdict: FABULOUS!

  5. I love your Swoon blocks! I realized when I started sewing my first block together that I had made a mistake in my cutting and I haven't picked them back up since. I think I'll have to change that soon!

    Good luck with all of your projects and stay well! This "winter" weather is crazy this year isn't it?

  6. Your projects are all just lovely!

  7. love the mini sparkle punch! I'm hoping to make one with something closer to 5" squares, just have to decide on the fabric. And you chose some great fabric combinations for your Citrus Berry quilt, lovely!

  8. I love seeing all the swoon blocks - now I just have to pick out fabrics and take the plunge for myself!

  9. Love, love, love your sparkle punch fabric choices!

  10. OK, you can send your sparkle punch quilt straight to me, thank you very much! Really, it's so gorgeous, love the colors!! Your Swoon blocks are also looking super fab, great job!

  11. Ok, I love everything you're working on. In LOVE! That mini spark quilt is so adorable. I love your fabrics. I just bought some fabric the other day so I can make a sparkle punch quilt, and I'm pumped!

  12. i love the colors for the mini sparkle punch, they really pop! beautiful!

  13. Oh I love your swap quilt. The colors are fantastic! And your swoon blocks are looking great too.

  14. Absolutely love your FLiQS stars. The 4 x 5 blocks are looking fabulous too.

  15. Everything is lovely. I especially love the wonky stars:)

  16. I love the color selection of the wonky stars! That's going to be a beautiful quilt!

  17. Yay for a productive week! I so love the Sparkle Punch pattern, wish I could have joined the QA. And your Swoon blocks are gorgeous, of course. : ) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  18. Love your mini sparkle punch! I'm doing something similar for my FTLOS swap :)

  19. A sparkle punch mug rug is in my future!!

  20. Lots of fab makes, but love that sparkle punch mini!

  21. Jessica, you've got a great eye for color. I'm impressed by your Sparkle punch mini quilt. What a great idea to shrink it down a size! It's going to be gorgeous!

  22. I love your baby stars, your small blocks, and your swoon blocks. What great colors you pick! So fun to see all the different types of blocks!