Friday, February 15, 2013

happy feet


I've actually knit my first complete pair of socks!  I've tried knitting socks before...and it ended in disaster.  I had taken a sock knitting  class at Joanns a few years back, and my dog ate my knitting homework.  Even though the awesome teacher was able to fix my dog eaten sock, it was just never the same.  I think that half finished sock is still down in my sewing room somewhere.  


Anyways, this sock knitting experience was much more successful and enjoyable.  I started with purchasing Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up, googling the Magic Loop Method and Judy's Magic Cast On, and me and my Addi Turbo circular needles and sock yarn I grabbed from my local yarn shop were off to the races!  Now, that's not to say these socks aren't riddled with mistakes, because they definitely are...and one is definitely a little bit bigger than the other, but that's ok, because I still love them.


I knitted these on size 2 circular needles, and they ended up being a little too big.  I breezed over the step of knitting a swatch to obtain the right gauge, and in looking back I wish I would have slowed down, and not breezed through that step.  I was able to put them through the wash on a hot cycle and let them tumble dry, and this shrunk them enough for them to be wearable, but lesson learned.


After reading about Amanda's hedgehog sock blockers, I knew I just had to have my own.  After searching through Chappy's Fiber Arts and Crafts Ebay store, I couldn't pass up these adorable sheep sock blockers.  Oh the irony.  Get it?  Wool?  Sheep?  Yes totally lame, but they are too cute, and make your socks look super professional.


I've already cast on for my second pair.  I found a local-ish yarn shop that carries more sock yarn than I would know what to do with.  I grabbed a few skeins of Madeleine Tosh Sock, and couldn't resist casting on ASAP.


This picture really doesn't do the yarn any justice, its Madeline Tosh Sock in Oxblood, and reminds me of black raspberries, so pretty.  I'm using a size 1 Addi Turbo Lace circular needle to obtain gauge, and am knitting these ones two at a time!  I of course needed a cute new bag to stash my sock projects, so this boxy pouch was just the ticket.  And might I add how well this Joel Dewberry Heirloom color way, and this Kitchenette print in Raspberry from Jeni Baker's new line Color Me Retro play together!


  1. Those sock blockers are adorable! I'm totally impressed that you made these!

  2. Lovely socks Jess, well done. Sock knitting is definitely addictive and I see you've caught the bug!