Monday, July 22, 2013

Block Tutorial: Hexagon Star Paper Piecing Templates

Happy Monday everyone!  I am finally posting the tutorial for my Hexagon Star block I designed for the last round of the 4x5 bee!  Only 3 months later, but who's counting.  I hate to admit, but my sewing machine has been completely neglected this past week, she's probably suffering from some sort of abandonment issues, but for good reason, I think I'm in full on nesting mode!  

I'm finding closets to organize and things inside them I didn't even know we had!  Last weekend we did a major purge via the neighborhood yard sale which felt great, and lately I think the drop off boys at Goodwill are getting to know me by name.  While unfortunately these things are eating up my sewing time, it does feel nice to be making room for baby (and organizing the heck out of our house in the meantime!).  This past weekend was spent painting the nursery, and I'm itching to get decorating in there! 

Anyways, onto what this post is really about, a free block tutorial for this glorious Monday! 

Hexagon star block

As was the same with my Wonky House paper piecing tutorial, I don't have step by step piecing instructions for this block included in this post.  If you are new to paper piecing, or need a refresher, there are so many awesome tutorials out in blogger-land, like my favorite from Faith of Fresh Lemon's Quilts, her paper piecing tutorial can be found here.

The Hexagon Star Paper Piecing Block templates can be found here.  Block size is 12.5" unfinished, or 12" finished.  Please be sure to download the templates to your computer before printing, as I've found the block sizing to be off when printing directly from Google Documents.  Also be sure to set your page scaling to "none" or select "Actual Size" from the page scaling options.

hexagon star block 2

This block comes together quite easily, each template is labeled with a section "letter" and then the order to piece each section is indicated with a number.  Once your (6) sections are pieced and trimmed, piece sections A, B and C together, and then piece sections D, E and F together, using the above picture for reference.  Press seams open.  Lastly sew the two block halves together to form (1) 12.5" unfinished block.

If you happen to make a Hexagon Star block, I'd love to see your version in the SewCraftyJess Flickr Group!

I am itching to get back behind my machine, and show Bertha a little love, so hopefully this week I will dig out some time, in between closets I've found to organize (I'm looking at you, linen closet...) and stitch up something pretty with these amazing AMH voiles I picked up from amanda at Westwood Acres.  I'm thinking of some super simple patchwork, can't ever have enough!!


  1. Have you worked with voile before? Any tips?

  2. Thank you! And it sounds like you're getting things prepared...Congrats on the baby...such a blessing. =)

  3. Beautiful block and I like your two takes on it. I always loved that nesting stage:)

  4. I love this block! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, a whole quilt from these would be amazing!

  5. Love this block! Can't wait to give it a try!

  6. This is so cute! Now I have to think of a reason to make this!!!

  7. Thanks again for the template!

  8. Thanks so much for the star block pattern!! I love it!


  9. I wish you had posted this just a little earlier! :-) I just took part in a swap with a hexagon theme. I really wanted to paper-piece, but I couldn't find any patterns! However I will pin this for future reference as it is EXACTLY what I was looking for...

  10. thanks for the pattern. I hope to try it out soon.

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  12. This block is awesome! Thank you for sharing the tutorial :)

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  15. Thank you for sharing this! I'm going to make one today as part of a sampler quilt.