Monday, July 8, 2013



Oh I'm in love.  It's official.  My first time stitching with voile and I don't want to stitch with anything else.  It's silky smooth and feels like butter, and I can't imagine wrapping baby in anything more soft or luxurious feeling.  I have no idea if using voile is a good idea or not for whipping up a few burp cloths (using chenille as the underside) with the left overs, but I'm doing it anyways, as baby girl can't have enough hand made goods made of this stuff.


I picked up the voile fabric from Hawthorne Threads:  AMH Little Honey in berry, Valori Wells Shine in aqua, AMH Little Honey in gold and Joel Dewberry Tile Flourish in amber.  The flannel I picked up at Joann's on sale, I just love that grey bike print!  The pops of aqua and red are perfect.  I used the same self binding receiving blanket tutorial and backed these in flannel in the same way I made these flannel receiving blankets a few weeks back.


I love that these aren't quite as heavy as the flannel on flannel versions, and that the snuggle quotient is through the roof.  I just grabbed this AMH voile fat eighth bundle from Westwood Acres to make baby girl a voile quilt, as I already know she can't have enough of this silky goodness in her life.


I was a little nervous to start sewing with this stuff, as its quite slippery, but with many pins and using my walking foot, I had zero problems.  I can feel baby girl kicking away as I'm typing this, so I'm assuming that's her seal of approval!  Good taste even from inside the womb :-)


  1. Very pretty! This is going to be one well wrapped baby girl!

  2. Awww, that's awesome that she's kicking!!!! And oh my, I can see why you have a voile obsession, it is such wonderful stuff. I can't wait to see your voile quilt!! I've got a bit of a voile collection going now myself!

  3. Your baby is going to have the prettiest blankets on the block!

  4. They are very pretty.... just want to feel them through the blog!!


  5. sounds nice :) and very beautiful fabric in baby girl's life to be.

  6. I just got a bundle of voile in to make a quilt that I got in a fab online sale, I can hardly wait! Obviously baby girl has great taste just like her mum ;o)


  7. Love the voile quilts! Congratulations on your upcoming addition. I have a couple questions about the quilts. I did go to the tutorial you linked to. My question is this - if you were to make a quilt larger than baby sized, would you use a batt? or just the backing? and...would you need to do some quilting to keep even those 2 layers from shifting?

  8. Voile, ahhh so soft! I love these, I'm sure baby will love them too!

  9. The first time I used those voiles, I wished that every print everywhere would be available on that fabric! It is a dream.