Monday, May 7, 2012

Starburst Cross block tutorial

I am so so super excited that although I am not able to go to Quilt Market this year, one of my quilts will be going!  Last week I was asked if I would be willing to make a last minute quilt to go to market, and of course I had to say yes.  The next day the Fed Ex man brought me this beautiful stack of Melissa White fabrics, which admittedly aren't usually what  I am drawn to when shopping for fabrics, but in person they are just beautiful.  They sort of remind me vintage sheets meet Kaffe Fassett, and are oh so soft, almost silky.  I thought this would be the perfect project to use my most recent TouchDraw quilt design , and thought I'd share a quick tute with you all today.


Starburst Cross Block 
12.5" unfinished block


For this block, you will need two prints: Fabric A (center star) and Fabric B ("cross" fabric) and a neutral background fabric, I used white.

Updated (3/6/2014)  block tutorial with simplified cutting and piecing instructions after appearing in October/November QUILT Magazine

12.5” unfinished block


(1) 4.5” square Fabric A
(8) 2.5” squares Fabric A
(8) 4.5” squares Fabric B
(8) 2.5” squares Solid/Background Fabric


Use a scant 1/4” seam allowance unless otherwise noted.

1. Draw a diagonal line from opposite corners on all (8) 2.5” print squares and (8) 2.5” solid/background fabrics.
step 1

2. To construct the (4) corner units, align (2) marked white squares on opposite corners of (1) 4.5” Fabric B square, right sides together, as shown below, and sew on the marked line.  These will form your corner units or “rays.”

step 2

3. Repeat step 2 with (3) additional 4.5” Fabric B squares and remaining (6) 2.5” Solid/Background Fabrics.

4. Using your rotary cutter, trim all (4) corner units 1/4” away from each stitched line (the dotted line as pictured below) and press towards your solid/background fabric.

step 4

5. To construct the side units, align (1) 2.5” Fabric A square on the corner of (1) 4.5” Fabric B square and use the process described above to stitch, trim and press.  Next, align a second 2.5” Fabric A square on an adjacent corner, stitch, trim and press, as shown below.

step 5

6. To complete your block, arrange the (4) corner units or “rays”, (4) side units and (1) Fabric A 4.5” square in (3) rows of (3) units as shown below.  Sew the (3) rows together to complete the block.

step 6


  1. What a fun block! I'll have to give it a try :)

  2. Oh.... It's a stunning block. Definitely on my want-to-do list. Thank you mush for the tutorial

  3. wow - love this block! thanks for the tute!

  4. Great block! I love the colorful fabrics, too!

  5. I love this. Thanks for the flying Geese how to. It seems so easy. Also I love the color combo of this block. Awsome

  6. That's going to look really cool!

  7. Oh yay, you're doing the quilt for Market! I gave the Windham lady your name but I didn't know if she ended up contacting you. Very cool design! I'm headed to market so I'll look for your quilt and get a picture of it! : )

  8. WOW, Jessica! How awesome to have a quilt at Quilt Market!!! And it's a great tutorial. (I really love the mockup colors, too!)

  9. Love your block design - congrats on having a quilt at market too!

  10. love that block. I made flying geese the same way on another block I just made. I like that technique.

  11. This is an amazing tutorial! I have never made a quilt block and was able to make this one in an hour today! And major congrats on having a quilt in the Quilt Market!!

  12. I love this block so much. Thank you!

  13. Love this block, can't wait for a full quilt tute for yardage requirements - not my forte!

  14. Finished this lovely quilt by taking all the corner clippings, making tons of 3-1/2" pinwheels and using them for a border. I also made the whole thing bigger to fit on a queen bed. Super easy to figure out. Thank you for,sharing.

  15. Stunning quilt - great block - love the colours too��

  16. Oh yay, you're doing the quilt for Market! I gave the Windham lady your name but I didn't know if she ended up contacting you. Very cool design! I'm headed to market so I'll look for your quilt and get a picture of it! gold bracelet wholesale uk , mens wedding rings canada

  17. Please help! I'm looking for Blackbird designs Garden Party quilt pattern. Was it published in one of their books? It's a dresden plate variation but has two triangles (not hst's) at the inner points of each quarter block. If anyone can help me find it, I sure would appreciate it!