Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Favorite Diaper Clutch


I decided this weekend that I needed a break from fabric sorting and organizational list making with regards to this hot mess, and just wanted to sew something.  I wasn't overly picky, I just wanted to make something that could be completed in a naptime.  A diaper clutch wasn't something I thought I actually needed up until now, but now that we are finally getting to the point that we can head out somewhere for a short time and not lug the entire Goliath size diaper bag with us, I have been thinking I could use something to stash a few diapers and wipes so that they aren't loosely floating around in my purse.


Enter this adorable (if I say so myself) diaper clutch.  I checked around for a tutorial quickly and couldn't settle on something that met all my needs (small, cute, not overly time consuming to make, and didn't have a built in changing pad as I keep one of those in my car all the time anyways).  So what does one do?  Of course scour pinterest for inspiration, get to sketching and traslate into fabric!


I purchased some Thermoweb Heat'n Bond Iron On Vinyl and thought this would be the perfect project to try this stuff out on.  Oh. My. Goodness.  How have gone this long without trying this stuff out!  I love it, and in fact am thinking of projects just so I can use more of this stuff.  In case you are not familiar, it turns any sort of standard cotton fabric into an oil cloth like fabric by ironing on a clear vinyl to the right  side of the fabric.  Genius.


Since this little clutch was purely for my benefit (lets face it, mommy does about 99.5% of the diaper changes when out and about) I cut into my Cotton + Steel stash, as what better fabric to tote diapers and wipes around in than some super fun View Finders, and pink ones at that!


I really could not be more pleased with how this turned out, and lucky for you, dear readers, a tutorial is in the works, you know in case you also want to carry diapers and wipes in style.  I want to make a second clutch and play with tweaking some of the measurements before finishing the tutorial, but it should be good to go by next week.


Just a quick #honestcraftroom update, the stars have aligned, as I have convinced my hubby to take an Ikea trip with me on Saturday (I may have bribed him with his choice of lunch venues, and spun it as a date), AND my mom is free to babysit Nora for the afternoon, double score!  Hopefully by Saturday evening I will at least own the necessary tools to get organized!

Oh!  And in the name of decluttering, I have found more fabric I'm planning on destashing on Instagram in the next few days!  If you don't already follow me, I can be found here at SewCraftyJess, and my destash account here at SewCraftyJessDestash


  1. What a clever project. I am past the diaper stage, but I am so checking out the iron on vinyl...

  2. Very cute! I keep hoping we'll be out of diapers soon but I really should make something nice like this to use in the meantime instead of just stuffing a diaper or two in my purse.

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