Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sew Pretty for Little Girls Blog Hop & Giveaway

****This giveaway is now over****


I'm so excited to be here today as part of the Little Lady Liberty Blog Hop to celebrate the release of Alice Caroline's book Sew Pretty for Little Girls (ebook version) (called Little Lady Liberty for UK peeps).  When Alice asked if I wanted to take part, yes couldn't come out of my mouth fast enough.  Aside from the book being chocked full of 20 beautiful projects for little girls, its dripping in Liberty fabric eye candy!


The book is divided into three sections, Blissfull Bedrooms, Twirly Girly Garments and Pretty Little Things.  It was almost impossible to pick just one project to make but ultimately I decided on the Fleur Embellished Party Skirt, because Nora definitely cannot have too many skirts in her closet.


I chose a Cotton + Steel lawn print to get a similar drape and hand as the Liberty fabrics shown in Alice's book, and I cannot be happier with how it turned out.  I altered the length of the skirt slightly as the book shows cutting measurements for average size for a 6-7 year old girl, but the size customization tips in the pattern worked like a charm.  Nora gives her seal of approval too!



I have fabric purchased to make the Libby Ra-Ra skirt next, now just to find a few minutes to put it together!

Now for the giveaway!  Stitch Craft Create is giving one lucky SewCraftyJess reader an ebook version of Sew Pretty for Little Girls!  Enter the rafflecopter giveaway below for your chance to win, winner will be announced here at SewCraftyJess on Tuesday, March 24, 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I am excited to try that embellished skirt - my granddaughter would love it!

  2. The skirts for sure! I have a granddaughter I love to sew for!

  3. HELLO, oh those little girls skirts>so cute!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. The book looks gorgeous. Love the skirts!

  5. I can't seem to find too many of the other projects from the book but the skirts look fabulous!

  6. I love the flouncy skirts!

  7. I think the projects for the bedroom would be lovely!!!

  8. Looks like a beautiful little book.nice for my grandddaghter.

  9. Looks like a beautiful little book.nice for my grandddaghter.

  10. What a lovely book! The bedroom project swould be good - daughters room needs decorated and she loves anything girly :)

  11. I like the duvet and sham-so pretty!

  12. I love the skits and shams!

  13. with 6 grandgirls that would be pretty grand to have

  14. The skirts are our favorites. Can't wait to have granddaughters to make them for! Carol

  15. I'm excited about the skirt. While I won't be making a skirt for my son, that is the only type of waistband that works for him. I'd love to apply the technique to some pj pants for him. My daughter, however, would love a skirt, especially if it contains an abundance of tulle.

  16. I have a niece that would look SO CUTE in some of these things!! Would absolutely love to play "dress up" with her and these outfits! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  17. I love the little 3 tiered skirt. I will have to find a suitable little girl to give it to. It is exactly what my daughter would have picked to wear. Wish she was still that little!

  18. Would love to try my hand at a skirt for my niece. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  19. I am loving the skirts! - leanne w

  20. I love that floor pillow for the bedroom! Sew sweet!

  21. Love the Party Skirt! Your is perfect! Thank you for the chance!

  22. The skirts are really cute but then again, anything made with Liberty will be beautiful.

  23. Love the skirts and wouldn't mind having a go at the quilt

  24. I love the look of the pretty floor cushion.

  25. I love that skirt. My great grand daughter would love it

  26. My think my girls would really like a ra-ra skirt each and I would love to make a matching bag for them. Though looking at all these pretty Liberty prints i imagine they will want everything in the book! x

  27. I'd love to have a go at the big cushion.

  28. all of it but i love the skirts

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