Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fabric Binge

This may have been both the best and worst things that has happened to me!  I have been thoroughly unimpressed with the fabric selection at most of the local quilt shops I have managed to find in my area.  The fabric just seems so "fuddy duddy" or "old lady-ish" nothing fun and modern.  That is until I discovered that there was an online fabric store, sewlovefabrics who is literally 15 minutes from my house AND she welcomes local shoppers to come to her studio to shop!!!  Like I said, both the best, but possibly worst (definitly worst in my husbands eyes) discovery.  I immediately checked out her etsy shop and was in love, and messaged her to set up a visit to her studio ASAP! 

After work today, I went to her studio and wanted to buy just about every fabric she had.  I limited my self to just a few though...

She had the whole line of Innocent Crush from Anna Maria Horner.  With a great deal of restraint, I picked 4 prints.  I have plans for those pinks to be turned into a slouch purse/bag, and the blue I just couldnt resist.

I couldn't resist these two tuffted tweets by Laura Wisbrun

And finally these few Meadowsweet prints by Sandi Henderson. 

I am incredibly impressed by the huge amount of self restraint I expressed today.  I was almost temped by some Heather Bailey Nicey Jane and Heather Ross Far Far Away 2, but I'll save those for next time.  I think this set of Meadowsweet will be made into a tote bag for a friend for Christmas, that is if I can stand to part with it! 

I highly recommend checking out sewlovefabrics on etsy, Ruth is the nicest lady, with the most amazing fabrics.  I can guarantee she will be seeing more of me in her future!

As for what else I've been up to, I have been working away, things are busy for us on the home front, so I've been sneaking in some sewing and quilting time when possible, heres a sneak peek of my current project...

Just some Christmas-y holiday goodness!!  Hopefully tommorow I'll get this finished and have more to show you then!


  1. Oh you aren't kidding! Those are great fabrics. I've been looking to branch out away from shabby chic and into more contemporary or primitive designs. I'm going to check out her etsy store. Thanks for the heads up! Can't wait to see your projects. Hugs. tammy

  2. I love the idea of the Innocent Crush for a purse. I haven't bought any of that yet, but that gives me a great idea.