Sunday, October 24, 2010

knit two purl two

So I've been doing alot of knitting recently.  I had a few scarves in mind for some friends and family on my Christmas list, and ever since learing how to knit in the round, I decided to tackle some hats as well!

I love this hat.  super warm and cozy.  I used Fishermans wool, and knitted using two strands at a time, which gave it that warbled/tweed-y look.  I'm planning on adding a coordinating scarf and this will be going to my brother for Christmas.  I discovered that there are thousands of knitting and crochet patterns on the Lion Brand website, and this actually is a pattern that a found on their site.  A perfect quick little project that only takes a few hours to whip up.  Definitly recommend it.

I finished up a scarf using some super thick and warm yarn for a co-worker, who saw me knitting, and said "you know, if your ever looking for a project to knit, I would love a scarf!"  Hint taken, and another Christmas project checked off the list.

This pattern can be found here.

In case you were wondering...the damage caused to my sock I was working on has been fixed!  With the help of my trusty crochet hook (and my awesome knitting instructor) I was able to salvedge most of the stitches, and my instructor cleaned up the rest and finshed the job.

We learned how to "turn the heel" in our last class, which is just the coolest thing.  I've set this aside for the immediate future, I WILL finish this sock, but my fear is that I wont ever complete a match for it!

You can barely tell that this sock has been tormented and nearly destroyed.  Gives it character and a story I suppose.  Like I said, Lucky Dog.

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  1. Beautiful projects. I love a good knitted hat. nothing quite like them in stores. Hugs. Tammy