Friday, October 15, 2010

My dog ate my homework

In all of my 21 years of schooling, I don't think I have ever truly been able to use this excuse.  Until now.  3 years after being completely done with school. 

Remember her? 

And her canine shenanigans?

Well this menace on 4 legs was at it again.  She decided that my sock I had worked long and hard on, getting about halfway done for my knitting class looked like yummy chew toy.

Alas, after finding the humor in this situation, I called my knitting instructor, and explained, "my dog ate my homework," she thinks the damage is likely fixable.  Lucky dog. 



  1. After looking at quilt number four on your right sidebar, I am intrigued and would like to know the name of the pattern.

    Regarding your dog, been there. Hehe... it makes you gasp, look, melt....awwww poor pup

  2. You're hilarious !

    I hope the needles aren't ruined either !

    Look at that sidebar getting requests for patterns ! So much awesome work represented in such a short amount of time !

    I love how you can put pictures without anything else...everything I put in my sidebar has a line between it and the next.