Tuesday, September 23, 2014

friends + birthdays


This past weekend I had the pleasure of not only seeing one of my dearest friends who happens to live out of town, but seeing her on her birthday!  As I've gotten older, a lot of the "fringe friends" have fallen by the wayside, but the friends that I still keep in touch with are friends that will be around for the long haul.  Unfortunately many of them now live out of town, so its a rare treat to get to see each other more than once or twice a year!


I was excited beyond believe when I received a call that one of my friends (well call her K) and her family would be traveling through Pittsburgh on their way to a wedding and wanted to get together for lunch!  I of course blurted out "yes yes yes" and did a small happy dance.  When I looked at at the calendar, and realized it would also be her birthday, I decided a little birthday sewing was in order.  


We typically aren't ones to exchange gifts, being out of town and all, so something quick and little was just the ticket (and good thing, too, as Nora decided naps were for the birds that day), so I grabbed some EssexYarn dyed linen in steel and my favorite variegated thread and got to stitching.


I quilted the linen like I quilted my Sew Together Bag, as I have been dying to stitch these organic wavy lines in that pretty thread again.  It of course did not disappoint, and I am thinking I now need a little pouch like this for myself too!


This pouch measures about 6.5" x 5", I had planned for it to be a little smaller, but I'm actually glad it turned out a little larger, as its just perfect to store a cell phone, keys and a lip gloss, you know necessities just for mommy.


K is a mom to 2 little boys (and a baby on the way), so I hope she likes this little pouch that she can slide right in the diaper bag, to have a little corner of that bag all to herself!


It's always great to see and catch up with a friend, and it was incredibly precious to now watch our littles playing together!  


  1. looks lovely - quilting in the wavy lines is gorgeous

  2. What a fantastic little bag! Yes, that thread is wonderful. Friends are the best!

  3. Super cute! I love quilting like that - especially with several colors like you did!

  4. what a thoughtful gift ! the coral zipper really helps accentuate the coral in the quilting

  5. Fantastic! I love the quilting you added, it is the perfect touch to the fabric you used.