Thursday, September 18, 2014

Woodwinked baby quilt top


I'm still on my baby sewing kick, and figured it was high time to get a quilt top put together!  This is for my husband's sister and her baby boy.  I was talking to SIL and asking about nursery colors/themes and she's not a super "theme-y" person, and told me they weren't planning on doing a whole lot with the nursery.  She wasn't giving me much to go on, so after much prodding for any details to give me some direction, she said she liked "woodland creatures."  I almost started laughing, as what were the chances that the previous week and had I just ordered a half yard bundle of Woodwinked from Cindy at Rose Room Quilts!  


I've had a triangle quilt on my quilty bucket list for some time now, and though this would be the perfect layout for these fabrics.  I ended up throwing in a few fudge dots from It's a Hoot and yellow pearl bracelets, and those were the perfect additions to help balance the colors.    


I didn't use any sort of special triangle ruler or template, and just used my long 6" x 24" quilting ruler that had a 60 degree marking on it to cut my triangles.  The cutting went incredibly quickly by stacking 4 or so prints on top of one another.  I cut my triangles to measure 5.5" high, so they finish at 5".  Just the perfect size to show off those adorable owls, mushrooms and leaf prints.


I love that this quilt definitely reads "boy" but there isn't one blue fabric in the mix!  I'm digging the cooler fall temperatures right now also, and these fabrics made me want a pumpkin spice latte, like now.


I'm thinking of backing this with some grey minky for a super soft and cuddly feel.  Basting in on the agenda for the weekend, and hopefully will have a finished quilt to show soon!


  1. Beautiful! The baby quilt I put grey minky on the back of is still my absolute favourite! Oddly enough mine was yellow, grey, and red too...

  2. I love the idea of minky! This is so stinkin' cute.

  3. I love your triangle quilt and the woodland creatures theme. Beautiful! -Brittany

  4. Beautiful, love this quilt, it will be a treasured gift.

  5. This is so great! If I would stop drooling over these triangle quilts and MAKE one, I'd be most happy