Wednesday, August 13, 2014

iPad sleeve


So we're getting ready to leave for the beach in a few days, and while I should be pondering how to fit half of my house in a Nissan Rogue with a rooftop carrier, I instead headed down to my sewing  room, because my iPad needed a new travel case.  That's rational, right?  But seriously.  Anyone with the tips on how to fit my house in my car to take to the beach, would be much appreciated.  


While of course there are more pressing things I should be tackling right now, in my defense I did need a more protective carrying case for my iPad than the magnetic case that I use for every day use.  I knew I wanted something with a small pocket to store my charging cord, and something not super bulky, but padded enough that a little jostling wouldn't hurt anything.


I sketched up the design for this envelope style, and sort of blindly started cutting fabric, and by some stroke of luck, both the sewing gods and the two hour nap gods were smiling down on me at the same time, because just as I heard Nora waking up from her nap, my machine was taking its last few stitches to finish this guy up!


I'm happy my quick quilty math worked out, because this sleeve fits great even with my every day cover on my iPad, and I can store my charging cord, or a pen/pad of paper in the little envelop pocket and the top flap closes with no problems.


I'm planning on writing up a quick tutorial once we are back from vacation and time is a little more free, so be on the look out!  And if you want to say a quick prayer that the car ride and a week of pack n play sleeping go well,  that would be swell also!


  1. Practical and beautiful! What fantastic fabrics. One of these is on my list too.

  2. This looks awesome; looking forward to the tutorial! I hope the car rides go well and you have a wonderful vacation :)

  3. Love the iPad sleeve! Please write up a tutorial! Enjoy your trip!

  4. Enjoy your trip but hurry home, I need to make these for my daughter and son! ;)

  5. A clever and quick make! Now I want one, too. May the travel gods smile on you :-)

  6. Cute case! I imagine you're gone now, but really, car packing is like Tetris, just think of packing shapes in gaps :o)

  7. Love the fabric. Nice cover Thanks for sharing